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My Easter Outfit + it’s perfect for Summer days!

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Outfit Details Here: Dress HERE , Shoes HERE (comes in 3 colors!!!), Purse HERE (comes in multiple colors mine is cognac), Necklace: HERE (Mine is 1.5 in), Sunnies HERE , Earrings HERE

LOVE this dress!!! I am such a maxi dress lover. I almost only wear maxi dresses instead of short dresses. They are jut so comfortable and cute, so really what could be better than style & comfort? Not much I know 😉 This one is so vibrant and I just adore the floral design, it was perfect for Easter Sunday! This one has some super cute trim/embroidery around the bottom and chest areas which gives it a little extra character. Also if you’re looking for a comfy heel to wear with jeans/shorts/dresses, this one is it for sure! It comes in 3 colors and I can wear it for long periods of time without my feet dying! Of course, I am still clutching my Mary Poppins purse tightly, its perfect!  I would highly encourage purchasing allll these goods 🙂

It is finals week for me which means I actually have a lot of free time, I only have one final and it is at the end. If you have some good tv show recommendations leave them below bc ya girl needs some new ones! Hope everyone has a great couple weeks until summer!!!

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                           Margo, Maybe

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