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Running errands + stylish cheetah slip ons!


Outfit details (click the store for a direct link to buy):

Vest: Old Navy (currently on sale!) , Leggings: Target , Purse: Target  , Shirt: Old Navy (under 20$ too!) , Shoes: American Eagle (mine are an old pair from old navy but I linked a dupe!)

I’ve had a lot of questions about this vest so I decided to do a post about it so y’all can have one yourselves! This outfit is sooo comfy. I think I say that about every outfit I post… but still, I’m all about some comfort okay! Anyway, I wore this running errands today and it is perfect for doing just that. It has been super cold here in Chattanooga so I had to layer under my black shirt and over it with this vest. I love this vest because it keeps you warm but it isn’t super puffy so it is more flattering. Of course my short self has to cuff my leggings. I’m always looking for a cute way to wear leggings and this just might be my new favorite! Also, yes I am still carrying this purse everywhere.

Andddd to continue the countdown… 15 more days. Hope santa brings all of you just what you’re wishing for! XoXo 🙂


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