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Celine knockoff + the best sweater ever!


Sweater: Target (On sale currently and comes in 2 colors!) Jeans: American Eagle (On sale right now!)  Shoes:Polyvore  Purse: Target   (Click On the store for a direct link to buy) 

I have been living in this sweater y’all! I just happened to be walking through target (just happened to be… hah jk y’all know I went there good and well with the intentions of emptying my wallet!). But really, this sweater is sooo comfy and how stylish is that ‘off the shoulder’ look, I LOVE this outfit! Also, these jeans are the super stretch jegging so you can go anywhere in these and be comfy for hours. This outfit is the best!

 But really, let’s talk about this purse… it looks pretty darn close to a Celine handbag for way less of a price. The lines on the bag, gold accents and the zipper are all just like the real ones.  It also has great pockets and can fit a lot inside, even better!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, let the christmas countdown begin!!!





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