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Day Date Outfit:


Ok y’all, this outfit is from a day-date with Tim. We toured the Gibson Guitar Factory Memphis and had lunch downtown! Of course Tim’s musician self loved it. (S/o to him for taking all my pictures).

I know you’re thinking, “Didn’t you feature that top in the last post on Haley…?” why yes, yes I did. Now you can see it on two different body types and paired to go with a completely different style.IMG_6643All black is always acceptable.


These jeans are soooo comfy, they are super super stretch jeggings and they fit like a glove! I wear them all the time.ย I got them half off cause of the rips ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

Ripped jeans just add to an outfit.ย IMG_6665IMG_6647IMG_6658

I’m at it with the choker again, told y’all I loved them! And of course my usual staple bracelets and apple watch. These sunnies are also so fun and colorful. Mirrored/colored sunglasses are super in style!

This top is also a staple and like I said, black is always appropriate. Plus, the off the shoulder makes the outfit just a tad bit preppy, not to mention off the shoulder is a current trend.

Outfit details (click on them for a direct link to buy): ย Topย 39$,ย Jeansย 26.99$,ย Chokerย 3.90$,ย Sunglassesย 13.00$,ย Shoesย 29.95$



Now, for the best part of my post….. TIM ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, I know I’m cheesy. But I sure do miss him. Long distance is no fun, y’all!!!! Anyway, Tim is always so supportive of me in everything I do but he exceeded my expectations when I started my blog. So far he has already put up with the extra time I take to get ready so I can look cute for my pictures. He has helped when my shoes & necklaces have suddenly broken and has taken the time to take my pictures for my posts. He also loves to make sure that I’m posing correctly and that my hair is in place. He is just awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

After Tim took all of my blog pictures, I made sure to make him feel special by taking some of him as well haha and yes, I know his shoes totally look like pokรฉ balls!!!

Just had to brag a little cause I miss him and he deserved to be bragged on!


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