GNO: Girl Talk + Style Tips


HEY FRIENDS! I apologize for being sooo MIA on the blog lately, sometimes life happens and things get crazy! Buuuut, I’m making up for my absence by bringing you a whole NEW site AND a super fun collab with ‘Blue Eyed Blondie’!!! Here are 3 of my tips to dress for/make the most of girls night:

1.) Both Madison (Blue Eyed Blondie) and I are dressed in modest but flirty fun outfits. Girlies, it is 100% ok to go out without showing allll of your goods to everyone AND you can go about still in a flirty manner! We go about this with side slits in my dress a vneck in my shirt and Madison wears a cutout in her jumpsuit and a vneck cami! Both outfits definitely reach flirty/cuteness potential without being too revealing.

2.) BE BOLD! It is ok to wear bold prints or materials. I am seen in a velvet dress & a leather skirt while Madison rocks metallic heels and a lace & silk like cami. These materials also go along with a ‘night out’. Those materials are typically viewed as fun night outfits. I encourage you to try a bold material and incorporate it into your typical style! Its def a fun way to spice up an outfit! Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder than your comfort zone… I did and loved it, trust me velvet is not a part of my typical outfits but I loved it!

3.) Get a Good shoe & you can run the world! Lemme tell ya… these new white mules are the shoes of my dreams as well as Madisons Metallic mules too!!! Did someone say shoe sale?!? I am SO there! For me, when i style an outfit I never feel fully complete & happy with it until I slip on a good shoe, it’s always the final touch of confidence I need to head out!

 Also, If you want to know where my cutie teal bracelet is from follow @Sarahfowler03 and message her to buy one! She can do any color and she makes a ton of cute pieces. Her site is under renovation right now but it will be up soon! I am obsessed with her pieces. Thank you for gifting me this cute one, Sarah! 

P.S. On my new site, if you want to get a closer look or purchase mine or Madison’s outfits click on the picture links below! First set is my outfit deets & second set is hers. Click the arrow to view all items! Lastyly, Blue Eyed Blondie & I had a blast doing this shoot and working on this post together for y’all. I hope you guys like it! We plan to do more collabs in the future so let us know what you think!!!

Margo Maybe & Blue Eyed Blondie

A cute summer night outfit + 3 tips to start your mornings off right!



3 Tips for a good morning:

  1. Start your morning by waking up early! I can’t stress this enough how good it makes you feel to get a lot accomplished by lunch time. You will feel so productive and better for the day. Totally helps those stress levels when you have accomplished your whole to-do list before the afternoon hits!
  2. Workout in the morning! Even if you have to get up at 5:30 am to workout, DO IT. You will notice a difference in your energy level throughout the day if you start off with a workout. Plus, most of us are too tired at the end of the day & then we end up not making it to the gym. I promise you will feel 5 times better about yourself throughout the day if you start with a workout. Totally boosts that confidence level too!
  3. Eat a good breakfast packed with protein! Not only does this keep you full throughout the day but it is also a good jump start for your metabolism. Eating breakfast is the most important meal, especially during weight loss. My favorite is a piece of Ezekiel toast with a tablespoon of natural peanut or almond butter and a little drizzle of honey!

Life Update: I just had a super fun weekend at the lake and I now have 3 & a half weeks before I am wheels  up for Greece & Spain! Although packing for a month long trip is stressful I am sooo super excited! In the mean time I am continuing to eat low carb and calorie & push myself hard in the gym. If you watch my insta stories then you know I am allll about some Apple Cider Vinegar too. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram @ margomaybe (: If you have any packing/travel tips, send them my way!!!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Click On pics for Outfit deets:

Easy summer maxi dress!


Outfit details: Dress (dupes): HERE, HERE, HERE & short version HERE, Shoes: HERE, Purse: HERE & HERE, Earrings: HERE, Necklace (mine is 1.5 inch): HERE  & Sunnies: HERE 

I love love loooove this maxi. I got it last summer at my favorite memphis boutique            (Beautiful Soul Boutique) sadly, they don’t have this maxi right now. No worries, I linked 4 dupes and one above the knee in case any of you babes aren’t maxi fans. It is so easy to throw on and run errands, grab dinner, shopping etc. The blue and white make it perfect for any Memorial Day or Fourth of July cookouts too! I am only 5’3 so it is a tiny bit long on me but still wearable with sandals. I love to tie the bottom into a little knot to add a little more shape to the dress. Also, it has POCKETS! What is better than a maxi dress with pockets?!? It is very soft and stretchy so you don’t feel like it shows all the goods, I find mine to be pretty flattering all over. If you noticed my cute little Yorkie (Bella) got to be featured in some pics! I had to put a red white & blue bow in her hair since we are going into Memorial Day weekend. She was a trooper through the shoot but I don’t think it’s gonna be her new favorite activity, hah! Ignore my terrible toe polish and torn up shoes. I need a pedicure & I have had these shoes for years so they are seeing their last days ):

In other news, if you don’t follow me on social media you definitely need to follow me on insta @ Margomaybe (: I put up some fun little insta stories for y’all. Today I talked about working out and how it starts your day off right. I have been really big into clean eating & working out and I am feeling GREAT! I totally encourage you to join me on your own fitness journey too (:

P.S. If you have any blog post ideas that you would love to see please feel free to message me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                            Margo Maybe

The ultimate everyday fun tee + you're definitely gonna want this in your     closet ;)


Finally!!! I found some good dupes for this top. If you follow my Insta Stories then you know I am absolutely Obsessed with this T.J.Maxx find! If their was a punch card for how many times you could wear and outfit…. well, I’ve far exceeded my punch limit with this outfit. It has been my Uni lately because it is just so easy to throw on and go. Effortless style is my favorite kind of style, lets be honest here! I know I received a lot of dm’s about where y’all could buy this top yourselves so I am going to link 2 dupes and one is Under 20$!!! You can dress this top up or even wear it with some leggings for a casual look, probably why I love it so so much! Find your dupe HERE & HERE both come in multiple colors. Sadly, I think I am about to be force to retire these jeans…. I ripped them down the side of my leg, and not the stylish looking rip. Find these jeans HERE.  These shoes have been my top favorite sandal lately but I always struggle with tying them tight enough to stay wrapped on my ankle but not so tight that my ankles turn purple lol… They are from DSW last summer and were on clearance so I will link a dupe. Find dupe HERE. How cute is this little purse? I just adore the gold hardware on it! It surprisingly fits more in it than you would think! It is from lat summer as well but I found a great dupe under $14.00!! Find purse dupe HERE. As always earrings HERE , Necklace HERE (mine is 1.5 in) & sunnies HERE !

Side note: If you see the stain on my shirt its because I spilled my delicious cold brew a lil bit.. Which by the way the Starbucks cold brew with coconut milk or with sweet cream is sooo good!! I got to see my all time favorite band ever, Kings Of Leon, this past weekend at Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest and it was incredible!!! Hope Y’all have an awesome week. My bestie comes home from college this week so I know I will have a good weekend (:


Denim on Denim? Now that's something I can get behind!


Outfit deets: Top HERE, Jeans HERE, Shoes HERE, Sunnies HERE, Necklace HERE , Purse HERE  🙂

I know you’re thinking, “denim on denim? Come on Margo, remember when Britney & Justin wore all denim and now we look back and laugh?”  (see their pic here in case you forgot.. not sure how you could but just incase) Why yes I do buuuut I don’t think I am gonna be looking back laughing at this little number! I just adorrrreeee this off the shoulder top! It is so fun and flirty for warmer weather and it pairs great with whit denim or shorts too! Have I convinced you to buy it yet? Go on, scroll up and clink that link 😉 Now jean on jean can be hard to pair sometimes but this outfit works so well because they are completely different washes so they contrast well with each other. Side note: please excuse those terrible wrinkles, I tried to steam them out but it wasn’t working well, ugh! These jeans are the same ones I wore a few posts back and let me tell ya, they really are something else when it comes to comfort thats for sure! I know I said I would try the splits and report back on if they really are gymnastics jeans buuuut I forgot. I’ll add that to my list of things to due instead of studying for my last final, hah! By now you have probably noticed that I wear the same couple of shoes all the time and I find a purse I like and carry it until it basically dies. These shoes go with just about everything and they are comfy so why even wear any others!!! Plus, y’all know my Mary Poppins purse could never be given up… except maybe if it was for a Louis Vuitton neverfull…. but I’ll keep dreaming for now! I have worn that necklace in a post before and it is really a statement piece that hits higher on the neck but I tied a little ribbon to it to add some length and it hits better. Life hacks w/ Margo, Maybe. Life update: I have one exam and then I am a SENIOR wooohoooo! ready for a summer full of European travels & the on to conquer my final year of school.

Keep on keeping on with that kindness! My devotion today was on patience and I have decided to work on praying for more patience. Funny because we often pray for patience and the get impatient when God doesn’t give it to us right away, ironic right? Here’s to you, here’s to me, full of life we’ll always be!

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                            Margo, Maybe