An Easy Way To Transition For Fall

An Easy Way To Transition For Fall


It’s not quite here for me because if you live in the south you know it will be chilly one week and burning up the next… however, the last few days have given me the absolute best tatse of fall and I am ready for it to be full blown.

For now I transition like this… my fave little drawstring shorts a cardigan and my closed toe-open heel mules. I’m prepared for those cold in the morning but hot in the evening days. If needed, I could even take off the cardigan! This is 100% my go-to outfit right now and I own these shorts in black too. Gotta love a drawstring short that can be dressed up or down… makes eating all the queso and margs possible without having to unbutton your pants… hah! There is one downfall and it is how easily these shorts wrinkle but I just embrace it and rock ’em.
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