The ultimate everyday fun tee + you're definitely gonna want this in your closet ;)

The ultimate everyday fun tee + you're definitely gonna want this in your     closet ;)


Finally!!! I found some good dupes for this top. If you follow my Insta Stories then you know I am absolutely Obsessed with this T.J.Maxx find! If their was a punch card for how many times you could wear and outfit…. well, I’ve far exceeded my punch limit with this outfit. It has been my Uni lately because it is just so easy to throw on and go. Effortless style is my favorite kind of style, lets be honest here! I know I received a lot of dm’s about where y’all could buy this top yourselves so I am going to link 2 dupes and one is Under 20$!!! You can dress this top up or even wear it with some leggings for a casual look, probably why I love it so so much! Find your dupe HERE & HERE both come in multiple colors. Sadly, I think I am about to be force to retire these jeans…. I ripped them down the side of my leg, and not the stylish looking rip. Find these jeans HERE.  These shoes have been my top favorite sandal lately but I always struggle with tying them tight enough to stay wrapped on my ankle but not so tight that my ankles turn purple lol… They are from DSW last summer and were on clearance so I will link a dupe. Find dupe HERE. How cute is this little purse? I just adore the gold hardware on it! It surprisingly fits more in it than you would think! It is from lat summer as well but I found a great dupe under $14.00!! Find purse dupe HERE. As always earrings HERE , Necklace HERE (mine is 1.5 in) & sunnies HERE !

Side note: If you see the stain on my shirt its because I spilled my delicious cold brew a lil bit.. Which by the way the Starbucks cold brew with coconut milk or with sweet cream is sooo good!! I got to see my all time favorite band ever, Kings Of Leon, this past weekend at Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest and it was incredible!!! Hope Y’all have an awesome week. My bestie comes home from college this week so I know I will have a good weekend (:


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