Denim on Denim? Now that's something I can get behind!

Denim on Denim? Now that's something I can get behind!


Outfit deets: Top HERE, Jeans HERE, Shoes HERE, Sunnies HERE, Necklace HERE , Purse HERE  🙂

I know you’re thinking, “denim on denim? Come on Margo, remember when Britney & Justin wore all denim and now we look back and laugh?”  (see their pic here in case you forgot.. not sure how you could but just incase) Why yes I do buuuut I don’t think I am gonna be looking back laughing at this little number! I just adorrrreeee this off the shoulder top! It is so fun and flirty for warmer weather and it pairs great with whit denim or shorts too! Have I convinced you to buy it yet? Go on, scroll up and clink that link 😉 Now jean on jean can be hard to pair sometimes but this outfit works so well because they are completely different washes so they contrast well with each other. Side note: please excuse those terrible wrinkles, I tried to steam them out but it wasn’t working well, ugh! These jeans are the same ones I wore a few posts back and let me tell ya, they really are something else when it comes to comfort thats for sure! I know I said I would try the splits and report back on if they really are gymnastics jeans buuuut I forgot. I’ll add that to my list of things to due instead of studying for my last final, hah! By now you have probably noticed that I wear the same couple of shoes all the time and I find a purse I like and carry it until it basically dies. These shoes go with just about everything and they are comfy so why even wear any others!!! Plus, y’all know my Mary Poppins purse could never be given up… except maybe if it was for a Louis Vuitton neverfull…. but I’ll keep dreaming for now! I have worn that necklace in a post before and it is really a statement piece that hits higher on the neck but I tied a little ribbon to it to add some length and it hits better. Life hacks w/ Margo, Maybe. Life update: I have one exam and then I am a SENIOR wooohoooo! ready for a summer full of European travels & the on to conquer my final year of school.

Keep on keeping on with that kindness! My devotion today was on patience and I have decided to work on praying for more patience. Funny because we often pray for patience and the get impatient when God doesn’t give it to us right away, ironic right? Here’s to you, here’s to me, full of life we’ll always be!

XOXO,                                                                                                                                                            Margo, Maybe

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