Margo, Maybe is here to stay + you def need this shirt!

Margo, Maybe is here to stay + you def need this shirt!

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Big news! I am now MARGO, MAYBE!!!! I promise this is the only time the name will change. I knew when I first started blogging that “The Little Life Of Mine” was not going to stay forever. Now I know you’re thinking, “Why did you pick that name first then?”… well, I was so eager to start blogging I just wanted to jump right in. I liked the original name but it is too long and people often get confused or don’t remember the whole name when I tell them. I always wanted a name that was short, simple and catchy. I wanted to bounce my ideas around for a while and see which one stuck with me the longest and “Margo, Maybe” was the winner! I have to give credit to my sisters for helping me come up with names & let me bounce my ideas off them. My oldest brother was the one who finally said to me, what are you waiting longer for? Just do it! It totally helps to have a support system that cheers you on, especially when you are starting a new adventure! My goal for Margo, Maybe: This name is meant to establish me as someone who is here to help y’all and give advice on outfits, beauty products, food, lifestyle details etc. I have absolutely LOVED my blogging journey thus far & I get so excited seeing it grow. I hope you will continue to follow & support “Margo, Maybe” with me 🙂 I thought it was fitting to make a blog change in my new super comfy ‘Adult-ish’ graphic tee. I am so onboard with this graphic tee style right now! It makes a cute little outfit with so little effort! I also have to brag on these jeans because they are incredible y’all! They are high rise and they are jegging fit so you could probably do some gymnastics in these babies that’s how stretchy and smooth they are! In all seriousness I’ll try the splits in them & report back in my next post 😉

Outfit Deets:  Shirt: HERE & plus sized version HERE , Jeans: HEREBralette: HERE , Shoes: HERE , Monogram Necklace: HERE (mine is 1.5 in)

Have a great week and don’t forget to look around & explore Margo, Maybe’s new layout! If you’re still in school, finish the year strong I have 2 weeks left. Woohoo!


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