Florals for spring + my new favorite purse!

Florals for spring + my new favorite purse!


OBSESSED! That would be an understatement if I ever said one. This top.. well whole outfit but mainly this top is just so fun. It is definitely my spring uni currently! Can we just take a minute to talk about the bell sleeves! I have always loved bell sleeves but I’ve never found a top with sleeves short enough to wear. Typically the sleeves are way too long for me and just go past my finger tips. This shirt and I came together randomly one night as Target was closing. My sister and I ran in for one quick thing (of course) and we came out with 10. I just grabbed this shirt as I ran through the clothes.. literally ran! It just so happened to fit perfectly and be my new favorite! The vibrant colors are not in my typical outfit but boy do I love them! Another big sister shoutout because she bought me this top as well. She really is the absolute best big sis ever and she always helps me chase my dreams! You can find my top HERE & a similar one HERE!  The jeans have nothing to be said for because y’all already know how I feel about some black ripped jeans. You can find mine HERE & similar HERE! And, as always, my staple Dolce Vita shoes! HERE.

However, this purse is amaze. It fits everything you could imagine in it without being bulky. Funny… I got this bag for my recent beach trip and my friend called it my Mary Poppins bag, and it so was! While I have lots of small side body bags & clutches for nights on the town, I love a good bag that can carry it all during the day! The only downside is that you end up carrying everyone else’s things as well. You too can find your Mary Poppins purse HERE & similar HERE!

I just so happen to be in Atlanta & this outfit is what I will be wearing out today! Hope you all have a great First week of April!






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