My fave keys to happiness!

My fave keys to happiness!


1.) BUY YOURSELF A TREAT! Y’all. This may sound silly but it is crazy how good you can feel even if you just spend 5$ on a small treat for yourself. It totally boosts your mood and gives you something to look forward to. Sometimes it is the little things that can make you the happiest! In my case I adore a good candle, Of course those Anthropologie candles make me the happiest girlie!!! HERE is the one I recently purchased! Another great little treat I like for myself is face wipes. Marshall’s & Tjmaxx always have great deals and the best scents! You can find my current fave in store (varies at each location)!

2.) PAMPER YOURSELF! This is so so key to being happy. This can be as small as putting on a face mask and relaxing with some Netflix, A big favorite for me! Plus, you reap nice skin benefits. This Shea Moisture brand  has some seriously amaze hair & skin masks and lotions. While you’re at it, you can go ahead and light that candle you bought and pour a glass of wine. Sounds like a good night to me! Just make sure you get a little time each week to decompress & relax…. after all you’ve worked hard & you deserve it!  You can find my favorite hair/face masks HEREHERE.

3.) REINVENT SOMETHING! Another thing that helps me to stay happy. The past few days my reinvent was a new phone case and a new pop-socket (helps you hold your phone or use it as a stand.. these are amaze!!!!) You can find the phone case and pop-socket HERE & HERE! Its funny how happy I get when I pick up my phone and see that cute marble and rose color combo! Again, it really is the little things! I also recently changed my phone & apple watch background to a cute quote picture (see on my Instagram… HERE ) This new saying is my reinvention for now, I am putting this as my “motto” to be a girl boss & risk taker. It makes me happy when I look down at my phone and see that little motivation! I encourage you to either set a quote/bible verse as your background or tape one to your mirror so you see it each morning.. starts your day on a positive & happy note!

4.) JOURNAL YOUR FEELINGS! Ok I know this one seems so awkward and is really hard to get into at first but it is so rewarding. I don’t always journal daily but my favorite thing to do is to write a journal entry to my future husband. I somewhat recently went through a breakup with someone who I thought was my future husband but God knows otherwise! The two reasons I got through and moved on without crying everyday was God & journaling. Anytime you feel left out or less than loved…  journal that! (I could write about this all day… and probably will end up doing a separate faith/journaling post soon). But I can’t tell you enough how much it helps to write those feelings out. I love to write my prayers out, it is so fun to go back later and see how God answered them!This is not for everyone but I highly encourage you to try it out.Give it a try, like more than just one attempt, I tried it multiple times and finally have found a love for it! It also helps to get a cute little journal like mine. You can find it HERE 🙂

Hope these happiness tips help you like they help me. Give one.. or all a try!


XoXo lovies!

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