Valentine's + Galentine's gift favorites!

Valentine's + Galentine's gift favorites!

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Ok y’all! Whether you are a guy buying a gift for your lady, a girl buying a galentines gift for your friends, or you just wanna spoil yourself, here are some fun little options to help you out! (Click store below for a direct link)

1.) Volcano Lotion from Anthropologie  

2.) “Merlot it’s me” Shirt from Target

3.) Uninvited book from Target (I’m currently reading this book!)

4.) Volcano candle from Anthropologie (We all probably know Anthro candles rock your socks off!!!)

5.) Jewelry storage dish from Target

6.) Bracelet stack from The Shine Project (this jewelry is not only sooo cayuute but it also helps a good cause when purchased!)

7.) Gold hoop earrings from Target (Gold hoops are a jewelry staple! I love mine!)

8.)  Rose velvet Steve Madden slip ons from DSW (they come in a navy velvet as well. I am totally crushin on these shoes and every other slip on tenni right now!)

9.) Side purse/Clutch from Target (comes in multiple colors. I have it in 2!)

10.) “Hello Gorgeous” pillow from Target (soo soo cayuuute!)

Soooo I think it is obvi how much I love Target…. oops! Hope you find these gift ideas helpful and you have a super awesome Valentines day! If you are spending the day single.. don’t fret, I am right there with ya but I will not spend it sulking this year and neither should you! Go out and do something fun 🙂

XoXo lovies

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