Maxi + florals + leather slip ons!

Maxi + florals + leather slip ons!


Outfit details (Click on store for a direct link to shop):

Dress: Forever 21 (Dupe) , Purse: Target (Dupe) , Shoes: Amazon (Dupe)*disclaimer.. these are all dupes. I couldn’t find my outfit details online. The dress was just purchased so it should be online soon*

Ok Y’all! This dress is amaze. I have been wearing it all weekend no joke… and even to class today. That speaks volumes if I wear a dress to class y’all. As always, it is super comfy.. I mean do I ever wear clothes that aren’t comfy? hah! no. I just love a good Maxi dress cause they are good for many situations verses a short dress. Funny story. So I’ve been in a clothes rut.. like where you just look at a closet full of clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear! I just happened to run into target 10 minutes before close and I grabbed anything that looked like a possible option for the shower in the morning. Low and behold it is now my fave item currently!!! Just so happens that on Saturday morning when I wore this to my sister’s wedding shower, a family member said “you look so Stevie Nicks in that dress!” I was so honored to  be complimented like that! I will probably continue to wear this dress every chance I get for the next few weeks. It also looks very cute with some chunky heels or booties, that is how I wore it this past weekend.

Moving on… Slip on shoes are so trendy, these leather ones are very stylish! I wear a pair of slip ons almost every day. They are quick to put on but more stylish than your regular tennis shoes! I’ve currently got my eye on the creme pair and velvet pair!!! What could be better than a maxi dress and tennies?

Hope everyone has a good week ahead of them! I know I am counting down the days until Spring break… oops! Leave me a comment telling me your spring break plans!!!




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