New favorite sweater + the most comfortable heels!

New favorite sweater + the most comfortable heels!


Outfit details: (click on store for a direct link to buy)

Jeans: Old Navy, Sweater: Target, Shoes: Amazon, Purse: Target, Sunglasses: Amazon, Necklace: Target 

Hey hey! I’m back after a fun-filled holiday break full of delicious food and family company! If you know me, you know I just love Christmas time. If I could live in a hallmark Christmas town I would…. ok well maybe just live a week in one. Instead, I’ll just watch every cheesy Hallmark christmas movie. I think those people are almost too nice to live around.. hah!  Anyways, enough about Christmas and more about this sweater & these shoes!!!!  This outfit is super affordable y’all. It is really easy to put on and comfortable to wear for multiple occasions.

These shoes are an absolute steal! they are Dolce Vita, normally around 200$ I get them for 43$ on amazon. Can you believe that??? They are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time as well. I have them in a taupe color and loved them so much I just had to get them in black too. (They also come in brown as well). Another trick of mine is this necklace, it’s really a statement piece so it hangs short and close to the neck. I made it longer by tying a little ribbon on each end of the chain and just extending it (my hair hides the ribbon so it works!). My last little tip is how to get these RayBans for a sale price… If you want to buy them check on amazon because they are typically a little bit cheaper. Shoutout to my awesome big brother for buying them for me as a christmas gift!!!  Oh and I know y’all are thinking “finally she got new jeans besides those ripped black ones”. Yep! and they just happen to be on sale too 🙂

I spy with my little eye… a sweet friend taking my pics! Thank you Jessica for your skillzzzz! Hope everyone has a great start to their new year! New Year… same me 🙂



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  1. Dolores Katsotis
    January 5, 2017 / 3:43 pm

    LOVE THE RIBBON TRICK. Where did you learn to spy with your eye…YOUR MOMMA

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