The best clearance jacket + my cute rain boots! (Read to find my new possible hobby)

The best clearance jacket + my cute rain boots! (Read to find my new possible hobby)


Outfit details (click on the store for a direct link):

Jacket: Target  , Shirt: Old Navy (link is a dupe, mine is out of stock) , Leggings: Target , Earrings: Target , Boots: 6pm  Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut

Ok y’all, I have been living in this jacket lately! But really, I’ve worn it out running errands the last three days.. oops, no shame!  It is so easy to throw on and it pairs best with, well, my favorite color to wear…. black!  It is also so flattering with the cinched waist and you’d never guess but it came from the athletic section. Not to mention I got it for $13!!!!!  Crazy I know. Also, these cute little mid calf rain boots were from Walmart for only $20! Whatttt??? I know, Walmart came through on these boots. I never shop in there but I just happened to be near and go in with my roommate, sure enough we both walked out with a pair of pink rain boots and I’m not even mad that we match when it rains! Disclaimer– My jacket was on clearance for 13$ (in athletic side) in store but it isn’t on sale online so check in store for the deal! The rain boots were also in store at Walmart but are not sold online.. I linked a dupe but check in store for them. *excuse how red my cheeks are it was soooo cold out*

As you can see gold hoops are super in style so go ahead and snag a pair when you run out to get this jacket ;). By now you have seen my pictures of me and that gun… scary I know! Thanks to a brave guy who taught me how to shoot today (he totally risked his life by giving me a gun, I was even scared to learn hah!). Now onto my first hunting trip soon… I’ll be sure to let y’all know how that goes. If you know me hunting is so far off my radar but for some reason I have recently had the desire to give it a go haha!

Y’all just barely over a week and then Santa visits!!!! Don’t forget to be mostly nice & only a little bit naughty! Long Post over……  XoXo

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