Best Friend Feature:

Best Friend Feature:

Ok Y’all!!!! I’m back in Chattanooga for the year. Many emotions are happening right now. Sad because I had to leave behind my incredible, super supportive boyfriend but, I’m very excited to move into my cute apartment with 3 of the cutest and sweetest roommates!

Now onto the part y’all actually care about… (I’ll spare you the silly dramatics about my emotions)

Soooo the skirt is back, two posts in a row! It’s the power of Britney haha (read the last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

I’m telling you it is seriously awesome! If you didn’t buy it after the first post, you better go get it after this! At a 13$ clearance price it may not be available much longer so don’t miss out, mine has definitely been a staple.


Same skirt, totally different style!

It’s funny how you can take one simple piece and make a whole new outfit. It really shows that you don’t have to have a large closet of clothes because you can make multiple outfits by interchanging pieces.


I paired the skirt with a white off the shoulder top to give a more sophisticated ‘night out’ look and to dress it up.

The tan heels also help dress it up and give a fun flare. These are also a closet staple: jeans, skirts, sun dresses, maxi dresses, they go with it all!



As far as jewelery goes I stayed pretty simple, I think the top speaks for itself.

A couple bangles and some statement earrings go a long way!


Ok I know, Enough about me, say hello to my bestie gal/sista friend/roommate Haley!!!!!! 


Haley and I haven’t been friends long but man did we click fast. We met in chemistry class our junior year of high school (we are now juniors in college and have lived together the last 2 years). We have gone through started our first serious relationships with boys, graduating high school, a break up along the way and maturing together as we learn and go through these live experiences.

So thankful to have my Haley girl by my side 🙂

We have spent the whole summer apart and we were so excited to reunite last night for a girls night out!!!


Haley took one of my off the shoulder tops and paired it with some dark wash skinny jeans.

duh, we already shared clothes after an hour of being together, what else are roommates for????

Haley says to excuse her tan lines, her parents live at the beach!     How awesome is that?


IMG_6825This outfit is another one where less is more in the jewelry, a simple bright colored necklace is all that it needs!

Look at her shoes… to die for, I know! (sadly we don’t wear the same shoe size 🙁 )

Her little messy bun works perfectly to show off her shoulders and lets the top do it’s work!


Quick recommendation: if you are ever in the Chattanooga area eat at Public House restaurant. It is in warehouse row, very chic and great food!

Public House is where Haley and I started our girls night out last night.

Now really the part you truly care about…. 

Outfit details:


Top in black: 35.99$

Top in white: 52.95$

Skirt: $13.98

Shoes: $32.99

Earrings: $65.00 (If you go online you can put in your email for 15% off your first order!!!)

Thick bracelet dupe: $13.50

Thin Bracelet dupes: $38.00


Top:  $39 (the exact top is from old navy and was purchased for 9$ on a sale, check out your local old navy. It is out of stock online)

Jeans:  $29.99

Necklace: $16.99

Shoes: $74.99 ( the original shoes came from the DV line at target for about $40, target doesn’t have them online anymore.. but this is the same shoe in a different color)


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